Our Company

Our journey began in Brazil, where our values of family and a passion for coffee laid the foundation for our vision. Today, we're honoured to extend our support to other origins and communities across Brazil, Kenya, Peru, and beyond.

By leveraging our expertise and operational teams in both London and Amsterdam, we proudly provide the European market with exceptional coffee while maintaining a close connection to our farms at origin.

At the heart of everything we do are our core values: quality, integrity, sustainability, collaboration, and innovation. These principles guide our actions and shape our identity as a company.

Royalty Sourcing Brazil

Royalty Sourcing Kenya

Royalty Sourcing Peru



We manage this process by implementing quality checks directly from the source in collaboration with our European-based quality team. Utilizing our specialized quality lab, we meticulously supervise pre-shipment samples and container loading to guarantee accurate shipment of all contracts, ensuring readiness for collection from different warehouse locations in Europe.



We work closely with farmers, building relationships to understand their unique challenges and find sustainable solutions together. By listening to their stories, we craft projects that promote responsible sourcing and improve living conditions. Through Direct Trade, we ensure fairness and transparency, creating a chain where everyone benefits, from the farmers to our customers.



UK – Vollers and AGC

Belgium – Vollers and Libertas

Netherlands – Vollers and Jonker & Schut