Why partner with us for your Brazil's?

Why partner with us for your Brazil's?

We believe that by leveraging our Brazilian roots and expertise, sourcing through us in Brazil will grant you complete access to our extensive farm network. We are committed to ensuring consistency year after year and offering competitive pricing. Furthermore, we are open to working together on payment terms that align with your cash flow planning for the year. Our primary goal is to cultivate a long-term partnership built on mutual trust and shared success. 

Our local sourcing within the Brazilian community is overseen by Junior Cardoso, one of our founders and our Head of Coffee, who is based in the UK. Being a Brazilian native himself, Junior's deep cultural understanding enriches our sourcing practices, ensuring quality, traceability, and transparency every step of the way. In addition, we have a dedicated team located in Varginha, Brazil, who are passionate about supporting farmers in the Mogiana, Cerrado, Mantiquera, and South of Minas regions. We work closely with 280 producers in these areas, helping them adopt sustainable practices and sharing their stories. Our projects focus on promoting responsible sourcing, ensuring fair living conditions, and facilitating direct trade. 

Alta Mogiana: It is a traditional region in coffee production. It covers municipalities in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Its coffee has a striking and fruity aroma with hints of chocolate and nuts, a velvety and creamy body, a medium and well-balanced acidity, and a prolonged aftertaste with caramel sweetness and notes of bitter chocolate. 


Cerrado Mineiro: Cerrado Mineiro was the first region in Brazil to receive the quality recognition through the Designation of Origin certification.  

Located in a geographical region which farms are cultivated in areas with elevations varying between 800 and 1,300 meters above sea level, this valuable brand became the first Protected Geographical Indication in Brazil in 2005, with full Designation of Origin in 2013. It encompasses 55 municipalities located in the regions of Triângulo, Alto Paranaíba and Northwest of Minas. It has a dry climate, which lowers the impact of moisture on coffee harvesting. The characteristics of this type of coffee are its intense aroma, with hints of caramel and nuts, delicate and citric acidity, full-body and sweet flavor, with hints of chocolate and long-lasting aftertaste.  


South of Minas: It has mild temperature, high altitudes and artisanal coffee production. In the southwest region, the coffee has a medium body, high acidity, and sweetness with floral and citrus notes. In the mountains, it has a velvety body, high acidity, and sweetness with caramel, chocolate, almond, citrus and fruity notes. 

Mantiqueira: In the Mantiqueira mountain range, coffee has been grown for over a hundred years on the mountain slopes and its volcanic terroir. These conditions, together with a favourable climate, make this place ideal for growing specialty coffees. This region received the recognition of “Geographical Indication” for the quality and unique characteristics of its coffees in 2011. The variety chosen to plant in these conditions has been Yellow Bourbon and the post-harvest process a Pulped Natural. The result is a balanced and full-bodied coffee. The characteristics of this coffee are citrus and floral notes, creamy and dense body, citrus acidity with medium-high intensity, high sweetness, and lingering finish.


Mata de Minas: This is primarily where our Europe Organic Certified coffee originates, sourced from our partner producer Oswaldina Dutra, a family-run farm dedicated to sustainable coffee cultivation since 1950 .

In regions above 1,000 meters in altitude, small-scale family coffee farming is the majority scenario. With the steepest relief, harvesting is carried out manually, or even selectively - in regions such as Caparaó, a micro-region located within Matas de Minas, altitudes can reach up to 1,400 meters. Added to the region's humid climate, several flowerings are recorded throughout the harvest, resulting in coffees with an interval of maturation, which are selectively harvested to ensure the best possible quality.

All this diversity results in a rich range of flavours in the cup: sweet coffees, with different citric notes, caramel and chocolate flavours. The acidity of the coffees is delicate and balanced, with long aftertaste. 



Through our Brazilian commercial team and our sister company, TVRT, we operate as the European branch of a hands-on coffee trading company specializing in the C Market. Logistically, we have the capability to efficiently transport coffee via ROYALTY CAFÉ EXPORT LTDA in Brazil, ROYALTY SPECIALTY COFFEES LTD in the UK, and ROYALTY SPECIALTY COFFEES BV in the Netherlands. Additionally, we collaborate with partners Du Norte, Nucoffee, and Expocaccer, collectively moving over 1 million bags annually. 


Leveraging our expertise and commitment to transparency, we meticulously curate beans from diverse regions, ensuring dependable logistics, and, most importantly, placing significant emphasis on adhering to rigorous quality standards throughout the entire process, with coffees being approved through pre-shipment samples on the qualities as follow: 

* Semi Washed, NY 2/3, 17/18, SS, Fine Cup  

* NY 2 17/18 SS Fine Cup 

* NY 2/3 MTGB Fine Cup 

* NY 2/3 PB Fine Cup 

* NY 2/3 17/18 Good Cup 

* NY 4/5 MTGB Good Cup • NY 2/3 PB Good Cup 

* Grinders 13+ Fine Cup, up to 350 defects 

* Grinders 12+ Good Cup, up to 450 defects • Rio Minas 17/18 

* Robusta 

* Available Certifications: RFA, Fair Trade , and Organic 

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