Royalty Sourcing Kenya

Royalty Sourcing Kenya

Royalty Coffees is committed to sourcing top-quality coffee from Kenya. We maintain a standing contract with a private mill, which produces a unique blend that encapsulates the exquisite taste of Western Kenyan coffee. This blend, rich in diverse flavours, offers our customers exceptional value.

We take pride in our robust partnership with Alpine Coffee, located in Migori and Kisii Counties in Western Kenya. This region is renowned for its fertile volcanic soil and perfect coffee-growing climate, both of which contribute to the exceptional quality of our coffee beans.

Our Kenyan division, Royalty Coffee Sourcing, manages all sourcing and purchasing of coffee beans in the region. By working closely with local farmers, we ensure fair prices and promote responsible coffee production.

The coffee beans we source from this region are a unique blend of varietals  SL 28, SL 34, and Ruiru 11. These specific varietals give our coffee its distinctive flavour profile. Our Royalty Reserve represents the essence of Western Kenya, celebrated for its vibrant acidity, intense sweetness, and bold flavours.

Alpine Coffee is leading the way in innovative coffee processing techniques. Their valuable contribution helps emphasize the exceptional quality and unique flavours of Kenyan coffee. Additionally, they significantly support the local community through their coffee plant donation program.

2024 Coffee - The Royalty Reserve

Offer List 2024

Date: 17/01/2024
Code: U01/177
Origin: Kenya
Sourcing Partner: Royalty Sourcing Kenya
Producer: Alpine Coffee
Process: Washed
Grade: AB
Quantity: 19200
Score: 86
Tasting notes: black tea, lemon, peach, apple, choc, blackcurrant, butterscotch, vanilla


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