Wholesale Account


In order to calibrate profiles or to place an order of a specific lot, you can request a sample! After a few days our sales representative will be in contact to discuss and give more detailed information on the profiles sent.




First you must fill out customer application form. Once we receive the information, someone from our sales team will promptly get back to you and walk you to the process of buying coffee:
- Spot Offers: Is what we currently have available in our warehouse.
- Booking/ Contract: Secure larger quantity of lots available at our warehouse over a certain period, or forward-booking coffees that haven’t arrived yet.
We can also make suggestions for you based on your needs, paying special attention to coffee types, flavour profiles, certifications and traceability, price, and volume.
We accept orders by phone or by email:
UK: + 44 (0) 20 3807 0274 - sales.uk@royaltycoffees.com
NL: + 31 (0) 20 703 8337 - sales.eu@royaltycoffees.com


We have Spot offers available in the UK, NL, and DE. After your third order paid up front, we offer 3 month booking/reservation time included in the price so that you can take it as needed. For ongoing customers, we also offer 30 days credit. If you need a longer reservation and financing, we can extend it up to 9 months, for a small fee.
You must sign the reservation contract and return it, acknowledging you agree to the conditions, so we can hold your preferred coffee for you. Please note that if you take coffees beyond three months, we charge £ 0.17/kg (UK) or € 0.20/kg (EU) per month in order to cover our warehousing and financing costs. 


We currently store coffee at Vollers from three different locations: UK, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. We can arrange shipping from any of your locations to your door. After we quote and get your approval, this cost will afterwards be added to your invoice for payment. If you notice any damage in your shipment, please notified the driver before signing the receipt and immediately contact us. We will file a claim in your behalf and replace the coffee in the meantime if necessary.
You can also elect your own shipping company or if you are a local customer, you can arrange pick up yourself from the warehouse by informing our sales representative. Storage of your contracted coffees can be easily built into the contract price at very low cost.
We are also able to arrange shipment of FCL (full container load – 320 bags of 60 kgs) directly from origin to your own warehousing facility or location, if needed.



Minimum order of one (1) bag. Bags will be stacked, wrapped, and strapped onto a wooden pallet. Even single-bag orders will typically need to be shipped on a Pallet which are 120cm x 80cm x14.4cm and weigh 20 – 25 kgs each. It generally fits 10 to 11 bags. Releases of 3 bags or less of any single lot of coffee will be subject to a £ 22 (Uk) € 25 (EU) processing fee.


We require payment in advance of delivery on the first three (3) orders. We will then offer net thirty (30) days after your company establish credit with us. We accept payment by wire transfer only.


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