Neighbors and Friends Program

The Neighbors and Friends program is the bridge between the farms and our quality team at Falcafe that offers the opportunity for small producers to market their best quality coffee to demanding markets around the world. 

With two properties in Brazil called Nobletree Farms located in Minas Gerais, in the cities of Ouro Fino and Carmo de Minas, we are always in search for the best quality coffee produced.

The two farms provide the neighbors and friends shared knowledge acquired in their production such as choices of varieties for planting that best adapts to each area, fertilization care, and management phases and drying manipulations. Our quality team acts in partnership with the producer to help them benefit and re-benefit their coffee, maximizing gains in productivity and increasing its quality.

Visiting activities, field days, and technical courses and lectures are promoted throughout the year with the aim of increasing the knowledge of local coffee growers, improving the practice and processing of their coffee, thus encouraging the improvement of quality throughout a micro-region. Partners such as Sebrae and Senar help and support our actions through training courses for small and medium-sized producers.