Marijse Kelle

 Logistics & Sales – EU Market

📞 +31 6 42611829


Introducing Marijse, originally from Amsterdam and now residing near Rotterdam. After completing her schooling, Marijse delved into the hospitality industry, obtaining a degree and primarily working in hotels. She gradually ascended the ranks, eventually becoming an assistant head of housekeeping. Transitioning from this role, she explored customer support before discovering her passion for the Corporate Travel Service sector.

One of Marijse's fondest childhood memories involves grinding coffee beans for her parents. She vividly recalls the sensory experience and aroma of freshly ground coffee, a love that has persisted over the years.

Four years ago, Marijse's partner ventured into SCA coffee training and consultancy, leading her to take on a supportive role in the business. When the opportunity arose to assist in establishing the European sales team, Marijse eagerly embraced it. Now, she plays a vital role in the logistics and sales team, operating from Royalty base in Rotterdam, enriching her professional journey.
Traveling is a passion close to Marijse's heart. She revels in immersing herself in diverse cultures, embracing local customs, and discovering new culinary delights at markets and restaurants around the world.