Jack Crocker

 Quality Control & Sales

 📧 Sales.uk@royaltycoffees.com 

A british citizen, Jack started in coffee in 2012 when he did the city and guilds barista course after being made redundant from a Pro audio retail job. Worked at various cafes around London ending as supervisor at leading Borough Market cafe Rabot 1745. Was hooked on specialty coffee thanks to Monmouth and a Pact coffee subscription where a v60 was free! After moving back to Devon he cut his teeth roasting at Crediton Coffee Company on a little 2kg machine. Following that he scaled up to roasting at Roastworks Coffee on a 60kg machine where he also refined his cupping and green coffee knowledge. 
Placed 4th in 2019 UK coffee roasting championship and 5th in 2023. 
Completed CQI Q-Arabic course (license pending) In his spare time he’s doing either DIY or gardening with his wife and walking their two Dachshunds. Proud Owner of a 1975 MGB roadster.