Kenya | Kericho Traditional Washed

Drying technique: In the sun on African beds

Variety: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL 28 and SL 34

Screen Size: 14 -17

Altitude: 1400 -1700

Picking method: Selective manual

Kericho county, located in Kenya's southwest, is a region that produces coffee. While "Western" Kenya is a term used to describe any coffee grown west of Nairobi, there is a wide range of Terroir within Kenya's western counties. Kericho coffee is one of the many regions growing coffee in Kenya, and it has its unique characteristics and flavor profile.

Kericho is also part of Kenya highlands, which is known for its rich volcanic soil and ideal climate for coffee cultivation. The region's coffee is grown at high altitudes, ranging from 1,300 to 2,200 meters above sea level, which results in a dense and flavorful bean. Kericho coffee is typically produced using the washed processing method. This process helps to produce a clean and bright cup of coffee with a well-defined acidity and a full body.

We also use our own unique approach to washed coffees which employs long fermentation, extremely thorough washing in clean portable water, and an initial slow shade drying before sun drying on raised beds.


Our Mill

In 2022, we made a major stride by opening a state-of-the-art wet mill, which has further enhanced the quality of our coffees while also reducing our environmental impact.


By adopting sustainable practices, such as reducing water usage and incorporating renewable energy, we are leading the way in responsible coffee production.

Powered by farmers

We have the pleasure of partnering with a dedicated group of 77 farmers and producers who share our passion for coffee cultivation. Motivated by the challenging nature of the Kenyan coffee landscape, we have been empowered to bring our exceptional coffee directly to market.

As we work to create a more equitable value chain for Kenyan coffee, we remain committed to the well-being of the farmers and producers who make it all possible. By prioritizing transparency and fairness at every stage of the process.


Coffee varietal and profile

Our coffee is the product of the dedicated hard work of numerous farmers from Kericho and its neighbouring counties in the southern expanse of Kenya's magnificent Rift Valley, our coffee embodies their unwavering commitment. These exquisite lots is a fusion of exceptional varietals – SL 28 , SL 34 , and a touch of Ruiru 11 – resulting in a symphony of flavours. The SL 28 lends vivacious notes of citrus and berries, infusing the cup with a spirited zing, while SL 3 4 adds a delightful interplay of acidity and sweetness. A dash of Ruiru 11 introduces subtle undertones of tropical fruit, harmonizing the coffee's overall body.

Coffee Process

The classic Kenyan washed coffee process involves several steps to produce high quality coffee. Firstly, the freshly harvested coffee cherries are sorted and any defective ones are removed. The cherries are then pulped. Next, the coffee is fermented in water tanks for the first 12 hours, allowing natural yeasts and enzymes to break down the remaining mucilage & fruit flesh/sugars. After the initial fermentation, the coffee beans are thoroughly washed and soaked to remove any remaining residue.

The washed coffee is then subjected to a second round of fermentation for another 12 hours, enhancing the flavor profile. The wet coffee is subsequently spread out on raised drying beds, where it is regularly turned to ensure even drying.

Once dried, the parchment layer surrounding the beans is removed through milling, revealing the green coffee beans. This meticulous process results in clean, bright, and vibrant Kenyan coffee known for its distinctive flavors and acidity.



Check out lots: 18KKk001 AB , 18KKK002 AB, 18KKK003AA

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