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Triunfo Farm

Marcelo Morita, Pratinha - MG

Marcelo Morita, Pratinha - MG

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This coffee has a delicate floral aroma, combined with hints of molasses and sugar cane. It is light and smooth, with a sweet and delicate finish that makes it perfect for those who appreciate a balanced and nuanced coffee experience. Each sip will transport you to a world of flavors, with a bouquet of floral notes that will linger in your memory.

Lot/Region: Pratinha, MG

Varietal: Catiguá MG2, crop 22/23

Process: Black Honey

Cupping Notes: Floral, Molasse, Sugar cane

Producer/Farm: Marcelo Akihiro Morita, Triunfo Farm

Elevation: 1.250

SCA Score: 87

Boxes: 12

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