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Sao Lourenço Farm

Guima Cafe, Varjão de Minas - MG

Guima Cafe, Varjão de Minas - MG

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This coffee is characterized by its fruity notes, combined with the velvety flavor of a red wine. It has a refreshing citrusy acidity, a rich liqueur body, and a pleasant finish that makes it perfect for quality coffee lovers. Enjoy this unique experience in every cup.

 Varjão de Minas, MG

Varietal: Paraíso MGS2, crop 22/23

Process: Natural

Cupping Notes: Fruity, red wine, citric acidity, liqueur body, pleasant finish

Producer/Farm: Guima Cafe, Sao Lourenço Farm

Elevation: 1.050

SCA Score: 87

Boxes: 12

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