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Arco Iris Farm

Airton Neves, Antônio do Amparo - MG

Airton Neves, Antônio do Amparo - MG

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This coffee is a true delight for the senses, featuring a medley of fruity notes and rich, decadent flavors. The honey and chocolate notes create a warm, inviting base, while the caramel adds a touch of sweetness. The fruity character is complemented by hints of sugar cane and spices, as well as the juicy, tropical fruit notes. The citric and malic acidity provide a bright, lively finish, while the creamy body gives the coffee a velvety texture. The delicate finish rounds out this truly special coffee experience, making it perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Enjoy a cup and be transported to a world of flavors.

Lot/Region: Santo Antônio do Amparo, MG

Varietal: Topázio, crop 22/23

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation

Cupping Notes: Honey, chocolate, caramel, fruity, sugar cane, spices, tropical fruits, citric and malic acidity, creamy body, delicate finish

Producer/Farm: Airton Neves de Deus, Arco Iris Farm

Elevation: 1.000 m

SCA Score: 88

Boxes: 12

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