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Castelhana Farm

Acácio Dianim, Monte Carmelo - MG

Acácio Dianim, Monte Carmelo - MG

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This coffee boasts a bouquet of floral notes, accompanied by hints of honey and caramel. It has a fruity character, with a delicate orange blossom aroma, and a bright citrusy and tart finish. The body is viscous and creamy, with a velvety texture that is both satisfying and refreshing. The pleasant and refreshing finish makes it the perfect coffee for those who appreciate a balanced and complex coffee experience. Enjoy a cup of this special coffee and be transported to a world of flavors.

Lot/Region: Monte Carmelo, MG

Varietal: Paraíso MGS2, crop 22/23

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation

Cupping Notes: Floral, honey, caramel, fruity, orange blossom, citric and malic acidity, viscous and creamy body, pleasant and refreshing finish

Producer/Farm: Acácio José Dianim, Castelhana Farm

Elevation: 950

SCA Score: 88

Boxes: 12

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