Geronimo Paravecino Cueva & Eulogia Quehuarucho Olave - Microlot

Geronimo Paravecino Cueva & Eulogia Quehuarucho Olave - Microlot

Who are Geronimo and Eulogia?

Geronimo Paravecino Cueva and his wife Eulogia Quehuarucho Olave, who are members of the non-profit project "Cooperativa Agraria Orígenes del Valle de Lacco" (Origins of the Lacco Valley Coffee Coop or Café Orígenes for short) and leaders in the cooperative since its inception in 2021.

They are from the campesino community of Juihay, native Quechua speakers, and well respected in the community as some of the most productive and best coffee producers in the region.

About their farm

Geronimo and Eulogia primarily grow Typica, although they also grow Catimor, Bourbon, Caturra, and Castilla varieties on their farm, which is located in the campesino community of Juihuay in the Lacco Valley, with an altitude ranging from 1700m to 2100m. Geronimo learned coffee production from his mother, and he grew up in Juihuay, which was a remote area with no road access.

How was the coffee processed?

Their coffee is traditionally washed, fermented in a ceramic fermentation tank, and all harvest, pulping, washing, and drying is done by hand. Geronimo separates his harvest by variety, with 50% Typica and 50% Bourbon. The farm is 6 hectares, with 3 hectares dedicated to coffee and the others primarily for avocado and cherimoya. They produce around 1500 kilos of green coffee.

What the producers want you to know

Geronimo and Eulogia have been given formal printouts of their cupping scores, flavour profile, and suggestions on how to improve, thanks to the cooperatives efforts to provide post-harvest training.

About Cafe Origenes Cooperative

The Cooperativa Agraria Orígenes del Valle de Lacco (Café Orígenes) started in April 2021 with 40 members from three communities and has now grown to 60 members as of January 2023. The coop has a project known as the Lacco Valley Initiative that seeks to double farmer incomes within three years of their introduction to the project. The cooperative has a long term vision of providing job opportunities for younger community members, improved education, and improved healthcare.

Cafe Origenes buys Geronimo and Euolgia's coffee in parchment and stores them in Grainpro bags, in a high-elevation, low humidity warehouse in Calca, Cusco. Once a buyer has indicated interest in the coffee, it is processed in Expocafe in Los Olivos, Lima, and then sent to the specialty coffee lab run by Sapphire Coffee Roasters in Lima.

The producers they work with are guaranteed a base price for their coffee, and then given an additional payment depending on physical yield, cupping score, and the price that the buyer pays for the coffee. In this case, Geronimo will be paid more than many of the other producers in the cooperative due to the quality and the fact his coffee is being purchased using his namesake.


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